2017-05-24 - Houston, Texas - NRG Stadium


Gruppo spalla: The Lumineers
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canzoni per album

  1. The Joshua Tree (11)
  2. War (2)
  3. The Unforgettable Fire (2)
  4. All That You Can't Leave Behind (2)
  5. Achtung Baby (2)
  6. Passengers (1)
  7. Other songs (1)

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partecipanti al concerto: 17

8 utenti da Texas:
LarrysLeo, METX97, brupars, darlingnikki44, jeff94ag, jj7473, theFly51, u2stargirl45

1 da Oklahoma: rastacruz
1 da United Kingdom: mkcu2war
1 da South Africa: nfsmulder
1 da Mexico: manolovox
1 da Illinois: WTSHNN
1 da Italy: Laura2312

recensito da macrikhsto59

16 giorni fa


Up close and personal 5people back dead center GA in front of the B Tree stage. A perfect unobstructed view. Anytime the boys strolled on played the B Tree I was at my usual position near or dead center. That's any stage/any tour stage coming out into the frenzied GA crowd since 2001. Opening set that was the place to be. Fresh off last night's inspired performance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show the boys did not dissapoint. Showing no slowing down the high energy opening was unmatched. "Sunday Bloody Sunday's lyrics have never been more timely. Being so close to Larry to hear the drum kit without amplification was priceless. The unforgettable marching beat snare heard close enough to hear the songs true sound. Then New Years Day and being close enough to sing with Bono strong and loud with my hand held high is at the least very moving. Playing the Joshua Tree album in it's entirety was just like the content of this quintessential work. Timely and Meaningful lyrics with rarely unmatched arrangements are the standard for U2's best work ever. The performances of "Red Hill" and Exit were frozen in time since 1987 waiting to be released into the wild. Bono's caricature of an evil "Poltergeist" or "Phantasm" inspired evil old preacher during Exit was spectacular. As he herked and jerked down the ramp accompanied by the 200 ft. long projection's screen special effects was an incredible experience. The undisputed highlight of the show for myself seeing how I've been waiting for its performance sine the first Joshua Tree tour in Austin 11/22/87


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Close enough to see Bono's eyes through his tinted shades. Enough said. I recommend GA positioning directly in front of the be stage perpendicular to the descending ramp. The main stage is 9ft tall. TheB stage is about 5ft. Awesome!

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A grueling day and night in GA but oh so totally worth it.

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foto da Francois Mulder (44)

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  1. Bono swinging
  2. Desert - U2 in Houston
  3. Hands in the air - U2 in Houston

foto da John Hardin (29)

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  1. U2 in Houston
  2. U2 in Houston
  3. U2 in Houston

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  1. Houston, Texas
  2. Houston, Texas
  3. Houston, Texas

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  1. The Joshua Tree 2017
  2. The Joshua Tree 2017
  3. The Joshua Tree 2017

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  1. Joshua Tree in red
  2. Impressive desert view during With or Without You
  3. Mothers of the Disappeared