1980-11-21 - Edinburgh, Scotland - Nite Club


Commenti: This is U2's first concert in Scotland and the band achieves a sell-out attendance of 400 people.
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recensito da LikeASong

7 mesi fa


They're on fire! Almost flawless performance in one of their earliest concert outside their comfort zone (which was mainly Dublin and central England at the time). The second performance of 11 O'Clock Tick Tock and Another Time Another Place are incredible.


Pretty good considering it's almost 40 years old and an audience recording! You can tell this is definitely NOT a first gen copy of the show and there are some glitches here and there, but it's really listenable. Not 5 stars but you'll enjoy the recording! It sounds clearer than many other audience recordings, even from recent years.
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I think this was their first concert in Scotland and well, you can tell they're pretty passionate about it. Their long term relationship with Scotland started here and these lucky 400 people were responsible of it.

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Very good overall. The recording is enjoyable despite the few glitches, the audience were on fire and the band was clearly pumped to play their first gig ever in Scotland... A not-to-be-missed show from the early days!

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