1. Originally posted by guykirk9:I'm going to Chicago 1 and if they play that Dallas setlist I would be disappointed. Give me ASOH and something new that they haven't played this tour. Mix it up! Fix the the encores! They have a week to go over this stuff and there is no reason that they wouldn't know by now that some songs aren't working.
    Hopefully they'll be trolling our site and also come across Sergios tweets.
  2. Originally posted by u2_michaelc:I know rattle and hum was released a year after TJT but they should showD a few of the songs some love , the casual's wouldn't know it, but get Edge singing Van diemans ' land, the die Hard's would be shocked to hear Edge doing that. God part 11 would Be nice as well as Hawkmoon 269
    maybe in europe it would be grand
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