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    There's several songs I dislike, and usually those songs are very well appreciated by the community.

    I just recently (last week) figured out that this bunch of songs I dislike, all have something in common: they're -for lack of a better word- midtempo songs.
    I'm not that technical in music, so not sure if that's the right term or not, but that's what it sound to me.

    And they're not the "chill" midtempo that's all over the place in Zooropa, no... these songs sometimes pretend to be a ballad, sometimes pretend to be more rock, but they don't make up their mind if they want to be a ballad or if they want to be a happy song or if they want to rock, and they just stay there in between all of it and I really can't get into those songs. I really find them boring, and usually are fan favorites.

    A Sort of Homecoming
    Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
    Stuck (yeah, not much of a fan favorite, but still)
    Crumbs From Your Table
    Do You Feel Loved
    Last Night On Earth
    I Still Haven't Found

    Anyway, I'm actually excited that I finally could put my finger on why I don't like these songs.
    I kind of get what you mean, and to a certain degree I agree that many of these songs sort of fall in the middle of nowhere in terms of tempo and feel.

    But man, ASOH has the perfect tempo, key and overall epicness NOT to be in that list.