1. I believe someone in a US state that didn't experience the eclipse also received mail as of earlier today.
  2. Sadly it looks like only the US will get it, but as we saw someone in chicago which was probably 100's of miles from the line of totality got one so who knows!
  3. Only usa.
  4. I just discovered I hadn't verified my email on U2.com
    Hope that doesn't affect it...
  5. I let my subscription lapse, so I probably wont get, but my friend just got one, so we have an Atlanta sighting...
  6. I wonder if all subscribers will get one, but it'll be staggered
  7. Got my letter in the mail today, i am 45 min west of Chicago.
  8. Yep, I remember that one. Funny how people post all kind of old songs on Youtube as 'new song for SOE'
  9. -
  10. With my luck, I'll get another copy of West Side Story, or whatever that book was that I actually am going to read even though I doubt I will learn anything I did not already know. At this point, the biography of Lillywhite's cab driver is the only thing besides that I have not read. I suppose I can be jealous that I did not get anything in the mail (
  11. Even funnier those who lead you to their song by misleading you:

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