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1981-11-14 - Boston
"Possibly the best October concert. Tru.."
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tour preferito: Innocence and Experience tour
"Hard choice - ZooTV certainly runs it close. But I really love the audience-encompassing design, visuals, and story of the i+e Tour, and I desperately hope I'll get to see it soon... "
show preferiti: 1989-12-26 - Dublin
"An amazing night on one of U2's best tours. Lovetown is a big party, and the last shows are a farewell bash for the 1980s, and for a major era of U2. This show captures this brilliantly."
album preferito: Songs Of Innocence
"A true masterpiece of a record. Songs of Innocence is unique because it's both an excellent album to act as an introduction to U2, but is also so rich in history and exploration that it is very rewarding to longtime fans too. "
canzone preferita: The Fly
"Groovy, funky, hard-rocking krautrock circa 1991..."

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I was born in North Carolina and moved to Alabama when I was two. I still live there but I'm currently enrolled in college at Amherst College in Massachusetts. I'm studying geology and plan to work in palaeontology after I graduate, hopefully studying and describing some of the little-known dinosaur fossils from the Southeastern US. I became a U2 fan when I was 14, listening to War and No Line On the Horizon. It wasn't long before U2 became my favourite band, a title they never shall relinquish. Other musical artists I especially like include R.E.M., Rush, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, The Police, The Decemberists, Pink Floyd, and Elvis. Favourite TV shows include Doctor Who, Twilight Zone (the original 1960s incarnation), Steven Universe, The X-Files, Sherlock, Gravity Falls, SpongeBob Squarepants (the earlier series, at least), and Archer. -- My natural history blog is here: -- My DeviantArt is here: -- My Sporcle quizzes are here:
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