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tour preferito: Innocence and Experience tour
"It was my first tour. Caught up with some old friends and a made a lot of brilliant new friends along the way, the music was brilliant too!"
show preferiti: 2015-11-06 - Glasgow
"It was 15 years of waiting for this. I'd always wanted to see U2 as i'd loved them since the days of All That You Can't Leave Behind. I was very young for Elevation & Vertigo and just not old enough for 360. (I think i was 14 or 15 when the came to Glasgow on 360) so Innocence & Experience was the first proper chance i had to see them. Despite it being absolutely freezing and raining, i still queued outside the venue for 6 hours. I went to this show with some old school friends, one of them was someone i met on my very first day of secondary school, so to be at a U2 gig nearly a decade later was very special. The show itself was very surreal, well the first half was! I was like a child on Christmas Morning. "
canzone preferita: Gone
"I dunno what it is about this song but it's epic!"

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I'm Craig. I'm 22. I'm a Student who's studying Web Development. I like U2, Bruce Springsteen, Oasis. Support Celtic. Met Hayley McQueen.
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