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2009-08-20 - Sheffield
"Epic gig. Everything comes together an.."
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tour preferito: ZOO TV
"The concert individually responsible for influencing a new generation of unique tours. Flying around in a private jet, equipped with TV screens, sunglasses and the rock n' roll attitude."
show preferiti: 1997-08-28 - Leeds
"A flawless performance from start to finish. If only I was old enough to be in attendance."
album preferito: Achtung Baby
"From chopping down The Joshua Tree to a texture-heavy refinement in sound, Achtung Baby will not always be my favourite U2 album, but my favourite ever album. The band picked their influences carefully and incorporated it into an industrial, alternative dream that no-one could really replicate."
canzone preferita: The Fly
"I have always wondered how people reacted to The Fly when it was first played on the radio in September 1991. I've never really worked out how Edge got that guitar sound, but it intrigues me every time. It's rhythmically compelling and the lyrics are the best that Bono conjured."

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Pearl Jam and U2 fanatic, all round good guy. I hope.
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