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tour preferito: Vertigo Tour
"Fond memories of going on the road for an extended concert run for first time. Made my bones as a taper, made a lot of connections, and caught saw the tour really develop."
show preferiti: 2011-06-18 - Anaheim
"Dynamite show, band finally did something unpredictable with setlist, and kept up a fantastic energy (especially for Stadium gig) until the last song."
album preferito: Achtung Baby
"It's impressive to think that if Achtung Baby was released today, it would still sound fresh, unique, and fantastic. "
canzone preferita: Where The Streets Have No Name
"One of those great rock anthems, both in the studio and live."

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My U2 experience is all about taping, mixing, trolling, networking, and repeat.
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Più popolari: 2005-04-15 - Glendale
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