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2001-10-13 - Hamilton
"As this was my first GA experience, I .."
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The Joshua Tree
mattfromcanada ha ascoltato 11 songs dal vivo dall'album The Joshua Tree.
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tour preferito: Elevation Tour
"The overall set-list and songs they played is fantastic. I first heard several songs on this tour (notably Out Of Control & Bad) and it was first GA experience, Hamilton, at which those two songs were played."
show preferiti: 2005-06-25 - Dublin
"I got to play Party Girl with U2."
album preferito: Achtung Baby
"I feel each song works on its own and the album completely works as a whole."
canzone preferita: Bad
"I can't begin to describe how this song makes me feel when I hear it."

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Have grown up and lived in Southern Ontario for my whole life. Married the love of my life at 22, she worked for an airline and we traveled for 13 years (including a trip to Vancouver & Dublin for U2) before welcoming our daughter (the 2nd love of my life). She's how a full-time SAHM (Stay-At-Hom-Mom) and I'm now a full-time GTWD (Go-To-Work-Dad). Life is good.
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