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tour preferito: U2 360° Tour
"The Claw was unbelievable to see in person, and even though NLOTH wasn't U2's strongest album, many of the songs translated well to being played live."
show preferiti: 2011-07-23 - Minneapolis
"There was a massive electrical storm (no, they didn't play the song...) going on around the stadium in Minneapolis paired with pouring rain, which added to the mystique of attending my first U2 show. Bono made it seem like we were all experiencing their first show in the rain, which endeared the show to me that much more."
album preferito: The Joshua Tree
"This was the album that got me hooked. It was right as the remastered version came out in 2007 and the songs from WTSHNN to Mothers of the Disappeared impacted me tremendously in more than just my musical taste. As we come to the 30th anniversary of the initial release, I feel the timeless lyrics resonate now just as much as they did in 1987."
canzone preferita: Bad
"There's something about the song when played live that gets me every time. The raw emotion Bono emits is so powerful. I haven't had the chance to hear it live in person yet, but I'm hoping they help me out in Vancouver or Cleveland this summer!"

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I first got into U2 in high school, and haven't looked back since.